Floga concrete lamps

A recipe for minimalism!

Concrete lamps? For sure? 

    Concrete lamps are one of the most interesting solutions. Until recently, concrete was not a decorative material for a room. Today it is one of the most sought-after materials for finishing and decorating the interior. If we decide to arrange an apartment in this form, ready-made solutions available on the market proposed by our company will certainly be helpful. Such interiors require min. appropriate lighting fixture. MWe have such solutions and we offer them.


Raw materials. Natural colors. Simple solids.

Handmade products

Unique concrete and wood products.

Original structures

Own recipe of used mixtures.

Concrete lamps - handmade means unique!

Handmade products always differ in details from each other. Always.

During the creation process, minor imperfections as well as underpaintings or discolorations may appear, which is the advantage of hand-made items and proves their uniqueness. See!

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Ewa Cierniak
Ewa Cierniak
Fenomenalna betonowa lampa wisząca o nowatorskiej i minimalistycznej formie tworzącej ład i spokój. Mimo prostych kształtów prezentuje się niezwykle efektownie. Jestem mega zadowolona. Szczerze polecam. ???
Monisia Pawlak
Monisia Pawlak
Oświetlenie z betonu, kinkiet do salonu LED doskonale prezentują się w moim salonie. Polecam projekty, lamp dopasowanych do nowoczesnego wnętrza. Szybka, profesjonalna obsługa.
Lillax 44
Lillax 44
Niesamowity sklep? Lampy z betonu wyglądają cudownie! Ich oryginalność i wykonanie przykuwa uwagę !
Adrianna Pieprzyk
Adrianna Pieprzyk
Dawno nie spotkałam się z tak pięknymi i starannie wykończonymi rękodziełami, lampa betonowa, którą kupiłam jest dekoracją samą w sobie. Jestem dumna z tego, że to Polski wykonawca. Zasługuje na miliony gwiazdek za pomysłowość, wykonanie i kontakt z przemiłymi Panami ? Gorąco polecam! Życzę dalszego rozwoju i czekam na kolejne inspiracje! ?
Blazej Pawlak
Blazej Pawlak
Moje odkrycie artystyczne roku lampy z betonu :D Lampy zawiesiłem klientowi niczym kinkiety na wejściu do sauny i zrobiły niesamowity efekt. Dostawa i czas wysyłki w najlepszym porządku. Polecam
Kolor i faktura lampy betonowej wiszącej zachwyca. Możliwości wpasowania w pomieszczeniu nieograniczone. Następne w planach mam kinkiety z betonu i nie jest to moje ostatnie słowo.
Jestem pod wrażeniem jakości produktów. Te lampy z betonu to polska produkcja ale światowy poziom! Lampy betonowe wiszące Floga to bez wątpienie numer jeden na rynku !
sławomir dominiak
sławomir dominiak
Lampy z betonu tej firmy to naprawdę TOP! Obsługa taka jakiej życzyłbym sobie podczas każdych zakupów. Darmowa wysyłka, potwierdzam. Jeżeli ktoś szuka oświetlenia z najwyższej półki to POLECAM właśnie FLOGA !

Concrete lamps, is this a good lighting solution ? 

      Such questions are often asked. This is where our company’s solutions come in handy. Floga lamps are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. This means that we can find the perfect lighting for the interior of our dreams. Concrete lighting is one of the most interesting and unique arrangement solutions. The severity of architectural concrete and its gray are able to give an unconventional atmosphere to the interior.

Concrete lamps. Are they good interior lighting?

      The original Floga lamps with a unique form fit perfectly into minimalist interiors. Our designs of concrete lamps made by hand with attention to every detail show our passion and perfection. The concrete lamp is compatible not only with modern interiors, but also is a curiosity in other arrangements and configurations. Combining different textures and structures or colors diversifies and closes the whole assumption. Therefore, do not be afraid to combine concrete lamps with, for example, wood.

Concrete lighting does not have to be gray, it can be made to order in a different color. Our offer of  is unique colors and shapes. Additionally, in each concrete Floga lamp you can modify the sling. You can adjust the color of the braid, or even replace the cord with a steel rope. All this so that the concrete Floga lamp perfectly fits your architectural tastes and amazes our guests at home or customers in the company.



Picturesque concrete lamps

                                                                                               Simple forms and bright colours dominate many contemporary homes.

                                                                Grey, white and black are king. These colours create a multi-directional background for other colours.

                                                                         When selecting and fitting lighting for such arrangements, it is worth taking a look at our range.

Floga concrete lamps attract attention with their elegance and simplicity while impressing with their lightness.
The lighting of our production, which is made of cold material, nevertheless creates an incredibly warm aura.

Concrete lamp – a stunning combination of raw architectural concrete and warm coloured light.

Concrete lighting is guaranteed to have a fantastic effect in any setting, in any interior.
The simplicity of the form and its minimalism complemented by warm light is what Floga’s concrete lighting is all about.

The vast majority of the raw concrete light fittings we have created have compact, recessed shades in light grey or darker shades of this colour.

The Path concrete pendant lamp contrasts perfectly with the warm light, creating a very atmospheric effect.
Lighting of this kind highlights the properties of concrete , which further creates a raw design.
This is perfectly demonstrated by the Malos table lamp or the Floga wall lamp.

Betondor concrete lamp, minimalist and modern at the same time, armed with a concrete soffit. The Edison bulb is perfectly integrated into this light fixture.

Concrete lamps as spotlighting.

We also have modern spotlights in our lighting collection. Of course, the light source here is an LED bulb. The Airoba or Rila concrete pendant lamp is ideal for the dining table or any other place that requires spotlighting of the surface.

The Modiat concrete lamp, available in several shades of grey, stands out for its very simple form while helping to create a very interesting lighting system.


Flog’s decorative luminaires are made of concrete, but we include other materials which, together with fair-faced concrete, look unique. Kazura concrete pendant lamp – a concrete tube combined with a high-quality wooden finish is a phenomenal effect.

Our concrete lamp models feature the widest variety of elements in stainless steel, wood, copper or brass.
Floga lighting is perfect as a spotlight or decorative element. They illuminate the dining table or kitchen island beautifully.
Concrete wall lamps, on the other hand, are the best choice for additional interior lighting.

Concrete lighting - enduring popularity

Architectural concrete lighting is the designers’ response to the hitherto unheard-of popularity of this material. There are several reasons for this popularity. Architectural concrete is used for its amazing character, a rough texture that perfectly matches the do loft or industrial style, high durability and a fantastic look.

Concrete lamps are an excellent choice for interiors in which there are already other elements designed in concrete, although it should be noted that they will be an ideal accent in interiors where this material is not yet present.
Floga concrete lighting is a full collection of lamps. It includes both indoor and outdoor lighting, pendant lamps, standing lamps, wall sconces and ceiling lights. All this helps to maintain a certain consistency in the arrangement.
The great advantage of Flog concrete lamps is their originality – we are all used to lamps made of plastic , metal or with glass shades. Architectural concrete is still considered an innovation even though it has been with us for a good few years.

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