Floga concrete lamps

A recipe for minimalism!

Concrete lamps? For sure?

Concrete lamps are one of the most interesting solutions. Until recently, concrete was not a decorative material for a room. Today it is one of the most sought-after materials for finishing and decorating the interior. If we decide to arrange an apartment in this form, ready-made solutions available on the market proposed by our company will certainly be helpful. Such interiors require min. appropriate lighting fixture. We have such solutions and we offer them.


Raw materials. Natural colors. Simple solids.

Handmade products

Unique concrete and wood products.

Original structures

Own recipe of used mixtures.

Concrete lamps - Floga - Premium lamps

Concrete lamps - handmade means unique!

Handmade products always differ in details from each other. Always.

During the creation process, minor imperfections as well as underpaintings or discolorations may appear, which is the advantage of hand-made items and proves their uniqueness.


Do you sell via the Internet? We have the perfect model of cooperation for you.

Highest quality

We guarantee the highest quality and originality of our Floga products!

Best offer

We offer all Floga products at the best prices on the market.

Safe shopping

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Concrete lamps. Are they a good lighting solution?

Such questions are often asked. This is where our company’s solutions come in handy. Floga lamps are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. This means that we can find the perfect lighting for the interior of our dreams. Concrete lighting is one of the most interesting and unique arrangement solutions. The severity of architectural concrete and its gray are able to give an unconventional atmosphere to the interior.

Concrete lamps. Are they good interior lighting?

The original Floga lamps with a unique form fit perfectly into minimalist interiors. Our designs of concrete lamps made by hand with attention to every detail show our passion and perfection. The concrete lamp is compatible not only with modern interiors, but also is a curiosity in other arrangements and configurations. Combining different textures and structures or colors diversifies and closes the whole assumption. Therefore, do not be afraid to combine concrete lamps with, for example, wood.

Concrete lighting does not have to be gray, it can be made to order in a different color. Our offer of  is unique colors and shapes. Additionally, in each concrete Floga lamp you can modify the sling. You can adjust the color of the braid, or even replace the cord with a steel rope. All this so that the concrete Floga lamp perfectly fits your architectural tastes and amazes our guests at home or customers in the company.

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