– Dropshipping –

Do you sell via the Internet?
We have the perfect model of cooperation for you.

– What is dropshipping ? –

Bottom line: You sell – we ship.
1. you list our products in your online store (or other sales channel) – when any of them sell, we ship the goods directly to your customer.

2. you are in charge of customer acquisition and sales, while we are in charge of: manufacturing, packaging and shipping the goods to the indicated address.

3. thanks to you, we gain a new source of sales of our products, while you gain a reliable and professional partner with many years of experience
Experience in manufacturing, logistics and shipping. A typical win-win situation!

– Why is it worth it? What we offer. –

No subscriptions, logistical minimums, commissions, integration costs or other hidden surcharges
we will earn only when you make money!
IMPORTANT: No stock restrictions – products are always available because we produce them locally (in Konin).

◊ Reducing costs

you do not have to invest in the purchase of new goods – production and shipping will be handled by us.

no storage costs – we produce only when we receive an order, so we do not charge for storage service.

no logistics costs – all packing and shipping arrangements are taken over by us.

reduce administrative costs – it is our team that handles the execution and shipment of each order.

Convenient cooperation

implementation time of our offer to your store is just 1-2 days

– we offer Full support during the entire integration process

fast order processing time (most orders are shipped within 48 hours!)

– Individual margins, additional discounts? We will be happy to establish with you individual terms of cooperation!

Business development

more products in an online store means more content – the very benefits for SEO and as a result more traffic on the site

– Daily updating of the product file means that Your store will grow with new products every day

– the products in the product file are always sorted by popularity – thanks to this you will always show the customer on the most prominent places the best-selling products

– our products are the result of the work of an experienced team of designers – in your store you will show motifs inspired by the latest decorative trends

– Summary –

◊ Transparent terms of cooperation – no subscriptions, logistical minimums, commissions or other hidden surcharges

◊ Margin to be determined by the partner (you decide the amount yourself)

◊ discounts on larger orders (up to 20% off)

◊ fast turnaround time (production generally takes max. 48 hours)

◊ exceptionally favorable prices for partners (prices of our products)

◊ opportunity for international development in cooperation with a Polish company (we produce in Konin, we ship worldwide!)

◊ easy and fast integration of the sales system, daily updated product files and access to the Floga system

- Automatic integration -

We have ready integrations of our warehouses with many E-commerce platforms. You can add our products automatically adding your margin - it's child's play. We are integrated with these platforms:

– How do you start a partnership? –

Interested in working together?
Feel free to email our marketing department!

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