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Caloter Wooden wall clock


Before ordering larger quantities of this product, please contact us by email.

Material: wood

Dimensions: 25 cm x 25 cm

Thickness: 2 cm

Power supply: 1.5V

Out of stock

Wooden wall clock Floga is minimalism and severity combined It will work in all interiors that want to stand out. Wooden clocks present themselves perfectly in all rooms. Not only in loft interiors, but also in Scandinavian and modern architectural arrangements.


Can I personalise wooden clocks?

Of course, when buying Floga wood clocks you are free to choose the colour of wood we have in our offer and the accessories.

How long will I have to wait for my wooden pendant clock ?

Our clocks are handmade. Each wooden clock by Floga has its own unique character For this reason, the preparation time for them is up to 10 days.

However, we always try to maintain our inventory so that nothing is in short supply. Please contact us about any important matters.

Where are the wooden Floga clocks made?

All Floga wood clocks made in Poland, are made of Polish wood.

Floga is a Polish brand that is taking the domestic lighting market by storm. Concrete and also wooden lamps are gaining popularity among lovers of originality and enemies of the “masses production”. In order to meet such high demands, we have partnered with some of the best lighting industry specialists in the country.

As no two pieces of wood are identical so no two FLOGA clocks are identical. Obviously they will be the same size, but the wood grin or texture and colour will differ. And this is one of the things that keeps customers coming back to us so often.

We realise that our products are not for everyone. This was also the premise behind the creation of the FLOGA brand. Courage is what we value among our customers, but they also value us for it!

Weight 1,2 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 9 cm




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