Up to 30% commission on sales!

Are you a blogger, inflencer or a youtuber? Do you have a vlog,blog or your own website? Do you like introduce your visitors to products? 

Or maybe you want to start making money on internet?



    Earn from working with us!


Do you have a blog, a Facebook or Instagram page or a YouTube channel? Then you can make money very easily by promoting our products. 
Or maybe you just want to start making money online? 
You can be a business owner or have no business at all. It does not matter at all.


We are an online shop offering unique, handmade lighting. In our offer you can find: lamps made of concrete and lamps made of wood. All goods in our offer are of our design and made by us. Our focus is on providing our customers with satisfaction and service at the highest level.

Register as a publisher in our PARTNER ZONE.
Then check the programme information and the terms and conditions we offer. If they suit you – send us a request to join the programme. Once your request is approved, we can start working with you.

Very importantly, purchases made by customers within 30 days of clicking on a banner or link are credited to your account – so you don’t have to worry about someone not making a purchase straight away. 
Another important piece of information for you is that commission is due to you on the value of the basket , not only on the product referred!
I.e. whatever you send a customer to buy, you are entitled to a commission!

The FLOGA PARTNER ZONE affiliation programme has another very important advantage over others – the average purchase value is high and exceeds PLN 1,000, so the one-off commission may amount to about PLN 100.

Remuneration simulation: 
1. if we assume that 10 people a day came to our shop from your recommendation, in a week there will be 70 of them, and in a month about 300. assuming that only 10 (a very conservative estimate!) of them will make a purchase, your commission will amount to PLN 1,000. 
2. on an annual basis, it will already be PLN 12 000.

                                                                                            Earn the highest commissions in the lighting industry, up to 30% on sales.

How does an affiliate programme work?

– Shop in our shop using your unique link and we will give you 10% back .
– Recommend our shop to your friends, readers or followers…. using your unique link and their orders will increase your earnings by the current value of the 10% commission.

In addition to commissions we offer:
– A simple and clear panel, which you can log into at any time, you will check there the amount you have earned.
– Individual account manager
– Withdrawals are made after 14 days from the finalisation of the purchase, the minimum amount to be paid is PLN 100.  

You do not bear any risk when cooperating with us.
Orders are processed within 24 hours.
Support at every stage of the sale.
All products come with a 12 month guarantee (complaints are resolved on a piece-for-piece basis, or cash refund, courier sent at your expense).
The customer has the right to return the purchased goods within 14 days .
No minimum order.

How to do it. :
-Create a free account in our shop.
We check each request personally, it usually takes up to 24 hours.
After our approval, log in to your account.  Done!

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them!


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