The rules of the FLOG PARTNER ZONE Program

Rule No. 1 – Participation

Anyone can register with Floga affiliate programme. Both sole traders (of course welcome) and partners with individual status are accepted. Therefore, you do not need to own a company to promote our products, which are included in the programme. The billing rules in both cases are very simple and we have explained this in detail in the Q&A section.

Rule No. 2 – payment of commission

Each of our partner’s earns a commission in their panel when a customer makes a purchase using an affiliate link. The commission will not be credited if the customer uses another link. The lifetime of the file cookie is 30 days. This means that the customer has up to 30 days to make a purchase after clicking on the link for the commission to be credited.  The commission is only payable once we have registered the receipt of the package by the customer.

Rule No. 3 – Permitted and prohibited methods of promotion

In the FLOGA PARTNER ZONE programme, we expect only one thing from our partners – responsible and quality link promotion. 

Well-regarded promotion methods include: promotion via Instagram (story and bio), promotion on TikTok, promotion via blog (banners and links), promotion via Facebook groups (according to the rules there), legitimate mailing lists, Facebook and Instagram ads (don’t use affiliate links directly in the ad ! ), YouTube channel, Pinterest, quality online forums (let’s not spam! – nobody likes spam). 

With regard to prohibited methods, we do not agree with and prohibit: the promotion of links in search network advertisements (e.g. Google Ads) using branded phrases (e.g. airoba concrete lamp), the use of automated scripts and spamming programmes, spamming with affiliate links in messages and comments on social networks, making false purchases with fictitious data. 

It is not permitted to create sub-affiliate structures on your own outside the FLOGA PARTNER ZONE programme and to persuade others to use your own affiliate links in exchange for agreed amounts.

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