An affiliation is nothing more than earning from referrals.

If you are thinking about making money on the internet, but don’t really know how to go about it, then you’ve come to the right place.
Anyone can make money from affiliates, there is no one who can’t do it. There isn’t!

In online marketing, affiliation is referred to as the establishment of voluntary cooperation. And the aim, of course, is to achieve measurable results for each party involved in this cooperation.

Affiliation, or simply earning from referrals 🙂

And here we need to distinguish and explain the meaning of two definitions: publisher ( that’s YOU ) and advertiser ( us )

In the simplest terms, affiliation is referral earning, where the publisher (i.e. YOU ) earns commissions on sales of referred products online from the advertiser’s shop (i.e. us ), and the advertiser earns because they sell more in their shop thanks to the publisher’s referrals.

Affiliation – how does the publisher make money?
The publisher recommends products that advertisers (online shops) make available through their affiliate programmes. All this takes place on the internet, online. 

Affiliation – who can become a publisher?

Until a few years ago, to become a publisher you had to have a blog or other website. Times have changed. In the age of social media, your own website is no longer necessary. To become a publisher, it is enough to have an account on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest or yet another social medium. But even this is not necessary! Links to recommended products can be sent to friends by e-mail or any online messenger or even by text message.  In an affiliation, anyone can become a publisher even on a very small scale online.

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