If you have questions about our programme, you will probably find the answer below!

Who is the FLOGA partnership programme aimed at?

The Partner Zone programme is aimed at anyone who wants to make money online. Really high commissions allow you to promote your products in almost every corner of the internet. To find out where and how you can best promote our products, please click here.


Do I need to have a website or a large social media account to join Floga’s affiliate programme?


Absolutely not. You can promote products in every way possible. You can even send a link to purchase to your friends in the mail.


What makes Flog’s affiliate programme so special compared to other affiliate programmes?


  • We have the highest commissions in Poland (from 10% to even 30%)
    It is our own programme, we are not forced to pay high commissions to other entities
    We guarantee certainty of payment
    We provide support and service for partners at the highest level
    Our offer includes products that are ideal for promoting on the Internet
    We do not take money back if a customer returns goods
    We register cookies for up to 30 days
    We provide free promotional products for developing partners

Is registration and use of the affiliate programme free?

Of course, the use of Floga’s affiliate programme is and will continue to be free of charge.

I did not receive an activation link after creating my account. What should I do?

First of all, check the spam. If there is no message in the spam, it probably means that the wrong email was entered. In this case, create your account again or contact us.

Do I need to sign an agreement with a partner network?

By registering an account, you accept the terms and conditions. That is all, you do not need to sign a contract. Acceptance of the terms and conditions does not commit you to anything. We will settle your account with invoices or bills.


Am I obliged to take any action by joining the programme?


By joining the programme, you are not obliged to do anything. You can create an account and then do absolutely nothing.

How can I promote the programme and are there any prohibited forms?

You can promote products in all possible ways except for Google adverts for product name phrases.

What does the 30-day cookie lifespan mean?

This means that if someone has entered a product page from your link, even if they do not buy on their first contact with the shop but, for example, in 25 days – you still earn a commission. To make it easier for you, every company participating in the affiliate programme uses intensive remarketing on social media and Google to increase the likelihood that a person who has already visited the site once and has not bought will come back and make a purchase. The bottom line is that even if, up to 30 days, a customer goes to the site from a source other than your link (but clicks on it once), you still make money.

Where can I check how much I have earned?

When you log in, you have access to a very clear dashboard , where you can see how many people have made purchases, clicked on a link and how much money you can withdraw. You also have access to detailed information such as conversion. This allows you to assess which practices are most profitable and what is best to focus on.

What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?

The minimum payout is £100. It is low enough that, given the size of our commissions, it is achievable very quickly. 

What is the amount of commission charged on?

The commission amount is calculated on the gross amount of the basket, not including shipping. That is, if someone buys several products, YOU earn the entire amount from those several products, not only the one you linked.

Once earned, can the commission be claimed (for example, in the event of a return by the customer)?

Unlike other affiliate programmes, once you have earned your money, it will not be taken back by us under any circumstances

When can an advertiser reject a commission?

If the parcel has not been collected by the customer or has not been paid for.

Do I need to have an established business?

No business activity is required. All you need to do is to have a bank account, give us your account number and we will transfer your payment. 

However, we prefer and strongly encourage you to pay via PayPal ( the safest, fastest and most popular online payment system in the world ), just enter your email address into your account under ‘Settings’ .


How do I account for revenue from Floga affiliate programme?

If you have a business, we settle your accounts through invoices that you issue to us. If you do not have one, you record the sum of your income in your annual tax return.


Can I advertise products on Facebook, for example?


Yes, with our record high commissions this is a very good idea. Our affiliate programme, thanks to its huge commissions, is one of the few affiliate programmes where this way of marketing can be profitable.


For what purpose should I give my personal data and is it secure?


Your personal data is 100% secure. We need them in order to settle payments and pay commissions.

How do I register in the FLOGA Partner Zone?

 – You register under MY ACCOUNT


 – Within 24 hours, our administration will unlock access to the PARTNER ZONE management panel.

 – There is a possibility that we will ask you in an email about something , anything. We simply protect our programme and you, the PARTNER ZONE participants, from unwanted bots and spam.



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