Table lamps

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Table lamps


Table lamps are a popular category of lamps. In addition to providing a variety of lighting, they are portable and can be carried at any time. They are an ideal choice for the home and office, as they can be placed on a table, bedside table, on shelves in a library, almost anywhere.

Lighting plays a special role in any home, as it can inspire and turn any room into one of the most special spaces in the house.

Office lamps

FLOGA offers special ltable lampsthat will enhance the decoration of your space and create the right atmosphere. They are available in a wide range of colors, designs and sizes. You are sure to discover what perfectly fits the aesthetics and philosophy of your space. Office lamps that our store offers are more than functional. Because they illuminate your space not only with their function, but also with their striking appearance..

Handmade floga lamps with a strong element of loft minimalism, simple and elegant, led lamps made from a unique concrete mix. Original lighting elements of unique design that use the softest and most delicate reflected light, but also high-tech fixtures that break the commonly accepted rules of our visual perception. Lighting tools for any application, can also be fully customized for stable position, distance from the desk and brightness.

Abstract and playful, modern and multifunctional table lamps offered by FLOGA will impress you and redefine the decoration of your space.

Table lamps and floor lamps in our homes.


Table lamps like floor lamps, have been and will be in many different types of decoration. One of them is a classic, luxurious style with an emphasis on detail!

Loft Floga lamps are classics of the genre, perfect for minimalist homes and elegant styling, without going all out with crystals and gold jewelry.

Concrete pendant lamps in our home..

We choose in addition to table lamps also minimalist entrance furniture, in the aesthetics of loft , concrete pendant lamps fit perfectly with the accessories.

In the end, all of our options are more for minimalist decoration and less for showing off wealth and neo-richness.

We can also invest in twin loft lamps that give a sense of symmetry in the space or a set of floor lamps.

Table lamps in the bedroom.

The idea of symmetry in a space seems so basic that it can be misunderstood as outdated. But in a traditional room with classic furniture, it seems a necessary good! And that’s why we choose so many classic but always modern table lamps or standing lamps.

Decoration suitable for a professional space.

Two traditional lamps add an artful design to the decoration, sufficiently shiny and definitely perfect with solid furniture.

Traditional and elegant choice of fixture.

In a space with a pattern of dozens of decorative elements, table or standing lamps can have a simple base and a decorative top. In general, it is quite “heavy” decoration. If you like this style, then FLOGA has entered the right place in your home with the right decoration.

So we can, with very easy and simple solutions and options, give beautiful accents to different areas of our home and brighten them up considerably by adding decorations such as table lamps, but also equally elegant, beautiful and modernfloor lamps.

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