Hanging concrete lamps

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Concrete pendant lamps

Concrete pendant lamps – the raw aesthetics of concrete.

Having the right lamps in the home can make a significant difference to the wellbeing of the household.

Designing the lighting is one of those steps that many people overlook when it comes to interior furnishings. And this is a big mistake. The right choice of lighting will give your interior space, optically increase the room. And it can even become a focal point, a place in the interior.

Concrete lamps very quickly became a popular choice among buyers. Concrete, known until some time ago as a typical building material, was also discovered for interior decoration.

Modern interiors cannot be imagined without concrete these days. It is the ideal material for the lighting industry. It has a distinctive style, is very durable and the flexibility to create a variety of forms is almost endless.

Concrete pendant lampswill give your interior a modern touch and character.

Concrete lamps are associated by everyone with loft style. And rightly so. Loft lamps combines materials such as steel, wood, glass and concrete. In this industrial style, designer accessories are equally important. Floga offers you concrete clocks in this case. Made from the same mix as our lighting.

FLOGA concrete pendant lamps and other accessories have a huge potential to increase the artistic value of your home or office. Many think that loft lamps are difficult to imagine in the classic style, wrongly so. They blend in very well with typical interior furnishings.

The cool texture, raw, and warmth of the incandescent bulb balance each other perfectly. And it doesn’t matter whether they are single overhangs over a kitchen worktop or perhaps table lamps. They will blend in perfectly in any hallway or bathroom.

Hard as concrete

As a material , concrete is incredibly durable. It will last for years. FLOGA is a brand that has developed its own concrete mix that definitely stands out in the lighting market.

The material’s unique texture and naturally grey colour are what make it strong and popular with consumers.

The raw aesthetic is presented by concrete pendant lamps such as PATH or CLUNA. The warm glow of an Edison bulb combined with the minimalism of concrete. A brilliant contrast

An exquisite and elegant structure comes out of the FLOGA lamps.

How do I choose the right concrete luminaire with such a wide range to choose from? The style and size of the room will play a key role in the decision, which is very important. Both the colours of the interior walls and the shade of the concrete of the dream lamp should be taken into consideration, as well as the colour of the cable.

It is also worthwhile to add designer accessories at this point. So that they are compatible to the eye together with the lighting. FLOGA hand-cast   will be an excellent choice.

Pendant lamps for smaller rooms will also need supplementary lighting. Table lamps, which can be placed on a desk or dresser, are a good solution here. A more flexible configuration should be taken care of.

FLOGA offers a stunning collection of concrete lamps and every purchase comes with a 14-day satisfaction guarantee.

Check out our range of concrete lighting!

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