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Concrete pendant lamp Ahmeh


Material: Concrete Floga, Aluminium

Diameter: 10.5 cm

Height: 28 cm

Light source : E27

: 230 V

Weight:0.9 kg

Lead time 7-12 working days.

Availability: 5 in stock

Concrete pendant lamp Ahmeh

Concrete pendant lamps with strong light allow you to illuminate a room well. So you can use them during the day to increase visibility in the room and also in the evening to create a cosy atmosphere. Adjustable brightness Some strong-light concrete pendant lamps allow you to adjust the brightness, so you can adapt the lighting to your needs and mood.

For example, if you want to create a cosy atmosphere in the evening, simply turn down the brightness. Space-saving.

The concrete pendant light with strong light are the perfect solution if you lack space for other sources of lighting. You can install them in places where traditional table lamps or wall sconces would get in the way, yet they will provide sufficient lighting for the room.

The concrete lamp combined with aluminium accessories is the ideal solution for those who appreciate a modern and industrial look in their surroundings. Betonowa podstawa lampy dodaje jej ciężkości i stabilności, jednocześnie nadając jej niepowtarzalny charakter. Aluminium elements add lightness and elegance, creating a harmonious combination of different materials. This lamp is perfect for both interiors and exteriors. It can be used as the main source of lighting or as additional decorative lighting. The concrete lamp with aluminium accessories is also very durable and weatherproof, so it can last for many years. It is therefore an excellent investment that will please the eyes and provide excellent lighting for many seasons. A lamp of Polish production is an excellent choice for those who value quality and durability of their products. When you buy a lamp from Polish production, you can be sure that it is made of the best materials and according to the highest quality standards. What’s more, by buying Polish products, you are supporting the domestic industry and the people working in it, which is of great importance to both the country’s economy and the development of local communities. A lamp from the Polish brand Floga is also an excellent option for people who value originality and want to stand out from the crowd. Poland is home to many smaller and larger companies that design and produce unique, one-of-a-kind lamps that are sure to attract attention and be a decoration for any interior. In addition, lamps of Polish production are often covered by longer guarantees than imported products, which further increases their attractiveness.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 35 cm




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