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Lamps for interiors are considered essential in most homes and therefore come in a variety of designs and colours. Decorate your spaces with lamps from our collection in a quick, easy and safe way. In the collection below you will find different types of pendant lamps, in a huge variety. The ways of lighting are many: general, special, architectural, direct, indirect, etc. Each serves a different purpose, but it should be noted that a combination of them is most often the right solution. To create the perfect atmosphere with the right lighting, Floga offers complete proposals thanks to its huge range of selected pendant luminaires. Discover all our lamps for interiors and purchase with a few clicks without registration. Our selected wall lamps . Combine interior lamps with floor lamps !

Lighting is one of the most important elements of interior design. There are thousands of studies that suggest that any form of lighting can not only affect our mood, but also transform a space into something special.

But what happens when you’re ready to buy a new fixture? Will it be for the ceiling, a table or something completely different?

Don’t worry, because at Floga we are delighted to present this year’s lighting trends.

Concrete lamps are one of the strongest elements of decoration, functionality, but also the atmosphere that lighting creates in any space.

LAMPS – how to choose correctly?

To make the right choice of luminaire , it is necessary to know some of the main characteristics of the space. Knowing these, combined with the needs of the use of each space, allows us to select the right lighting.

  • Area of the space – square metres (m²)

To adequately illuminate a large space, such as a living room of 30-40m², it would be good to choose a multi-shade luminaire (a luminaire with more than 1 lamp base).

Bright lights help us to illuminate the space evenly and correctly, thanks to the many LED lamps they have.

  • Available mounting space height of the luminaire

An important technical feature for the correct choice of luminaire for any space is the available space height. In the case of limited height, we can choose for examplea ceiling lamp or wall lamps.

If there is sufficient height we can choose a pendant lamp. Usually most pendant luminaires are adjustable in hanging height.

  • Using each space to select a luminaire

Depending on the use of each space, we choose the appropriate luminaire. In an office or retail shop, we need strong and uniform light, so we will choose several luminaires (e.g. LED Panel luminaires).

For interiors, we can combine concrete lamps with floor lamps or lampshades.

In the living room, we can place a multi-light for strong and diffused lighting and a floor lamp for the hours when we need soft lighting to relax.

  • Number of luminaires

It is also important for the correct choice of luminaire for all spaces, bearing in mind the number of luminaires that will be placed in each space. E.g. in a large living room of e.g. 50m² in which we have space for a luminaire, the choice of luminaire is almost a one-way street.

However, if we have the possibility of installing several luminaires, we can also choose several individual lamps.

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