Gitrano wooden candle holder


Before ordering larger quantities of this product, please contact us by email.

Material: wood

Height: 58cm

Dimensions: 18 cm x 9 cm

Availability: 18 in stock


Designer Floga wooden candle holder Floga is minimalism combined with austerity and naturalness. They will work well in all interiors that want to stand out. Wooden Floga candle holders Floga looks perfect in all rooms. Not only in loft interiors, but also in Scandinavian or modern architectural settings.


Can I personalize the wooden candle holder?

Of course, when buying floga wooden candle holder, you can freely choose the color of the wood we have in our offer and accessories.

How long will I wait for my wooden candle holder?

Our candle holders are handmade. Each wooden candle holder by Floga has its own unique character. For this reason, the lead time for them is 10 days .

However, we always try to maintain our stock levels so that nothing is missing. Please do not hesitate to contact us about this important matter.

Where are the Floga wooden candle holders made?

All Floga candle holders are made in Poland, from Polish wood.


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