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Flog wall clocks

Wall clocks are very important when decorating a house or apartment. Why? Because first, it will inform us of the current time. Secondly, and this is a very practical use, it can be a great design accent for our rooms.

If you are a fan of minimalism and the only thing you want to have on your wall is a wall clock then a large clock will be the best choice. A large wall clock also provides a clear indication of the time, so even if you are in another room from which you can see the clock, you will easily be able to see the current time. The advantage of large clocks is that they become a significant decorative accent in the room, rather than an unimpressive addition.
Large can also be beautiful.The Wetors clock will work well in any room, starting with the hallway, where it will greet household members and guests at the entrance and show that it is finally time to relax.A great place is, of course, the living room.The Doraa clock in the living room will look great, enrich the space where we spend most of our free time and give it character. Don’t forget to hang a clock on the wall in the bedroom, so that when you wake up you can check the time.

Even in the best-decorated interior, large free stretches of wall can be troublesome to fill, and this is where wall clocks come to our aid. Wall clocks are making a comeback in interior design trends, and today they are again a must-have accessory in interior design.

All high-end interior designers believe that a clock should be hung at the eye level of a standing person, so that’s how they design clocks. Another equally important rule is that for aesthetic reasons, the space between the ceiling and the clock should be no less than 25 cm. This should be kept in mind!

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