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Concrete wall clock Sob


Material: Floga concrete, wooden pointers

Diameter of the clock: 25cm

Clock depth: 3.5cm

Clock mechanism: quartz, silent, flowing

Power supply: 1.5 V battery

Battery included: none

Weight: 2.3 kg

Lead time 2-7 working days.


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Concrete wall clock Sob

Concrete wall clock, round, with wooden hands is a product that fits into modern interior design trends. Such a clock will be an ideal addition to interiors decorated in industrial or loft style. This clock is made of concrete, which gives it a raw character and makes it a unique decorative element. The wooden hands provide an interesting contrast to the concrete dial and add warmth and coziness.

If you are looking for a unique wall clock that is both functional and designer, then this product will definitely interest you. This clock will be an ideal gift for those who appreciate original design solutions.

How to choose the perfect wall clock for your interior?

Wall clocks are not only practical devices that show us the time, but also beautiful decorations that can add character to any room. Wall clocks come in a variety of styles, shapes, colors and materials, so there is something for everyone. In this article we will tell you how to choose the perfect wall clock for your interior, paying attention to several important factors.

Size and shape of the clock

The first thing to look at when choosing a wall clock is its size and shape. Wall clocks can be large or small, round or square, simple or decorative. It is important to match the clock to the size and shape of the wall on which it is to hang. A clock that is too large can overwhelm a small space, and one that is too small can get lost on a large wall. The clock should be proportional to other decorative elements in the room and not interfere with them. If you have a large blank wall, you can choose a wall clock with an interesting shape or pattern that will be the main accent in the arrangement. If you have a small wall or many other decorations on it, it is better to choose a wall clock with a simple and minimalist design that will blend in harmoniously.

Wall clock style and color

Another factor in choosing a wall clock is its style and color. Wall clocks can be modern or retro, wooden or metal, single-color or multi-color. It is important to match the clock to the style of the interior in which it is to be placed. If your interior is modern and minimalist, you can choose a wall clock with simple lines and neutral colors, such as white, black or gray. If your interior is retro and full of atmosphere, you can choose a wall clock with a stylized look and warm colors, such as brown, red or yellow. If your interior is rustic and cozy, you can choose a wall clock with a natural material and texture, such as wood or wicker. If your interior is eclectic and original, you can choose a wall clock with an unusual shape or design, such as a three-dimensional or cuckoo clock.

Wall clock – functionality and quality

The last factor to consider when choosing a wall clock is its functionality and quality. Wall clocks can have different mechanisms and additional functions, such as backlighting of the dial, thermometer or alarm clock. It is important to choose the right wall clock for your needs and expectations.

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Weight 3,5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 8 cm




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