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Nebia concrete pendant lamp


Material: Concrete
Lamp shade width (cm): 12
Lamp shade height (cm): 20
Light source: Gu10
Cable with a braided fabric: 1 m
230 V power supply

Bulb Included: None

Nebia concrete lamp


The Nebia concrete lamp is of great interest to those who are in the process of choosing lighting. They represent a very original lighting, which perfectly fits in with the latest trends in interior design..
They are able to satisfy even the most demanding users and complement different styles of interior architecture. It may seem that this light is intended only for loft interiors. It is not like that Fantastic for modern or Scandinavian interiors.

Concrete lamps are suitable for any interior. Depending on your needs, it can be installed in the bedroom, hallway, kitchen. Very often builders place them in the living room Suspended over the central part of the table, these lamps look very dignified, striking. The lighting adds considerably to the comfort of dining.
It is possible to combined several types of concrete light fittings in a single room, which can produce an interesting and original effect.

Concrete lamps are very original lighting which will complement interiors of various design styles Depending on where you place the concrete luminaire, it can look austere and elegant, simple and modest, or simply aesthetically pleasing.
Path and Betondor concrete pendant lamps are the most popular.

Floga concrete lamps are manufactured in Konin, in the Eastern Greater Poland. Original ideas and designs are produced by hand by the creators themselves.


Select the color of the wire

autumn, beige wool, black, cherry, claret, gray wool, green, pomegranate, red, summer, winter



Approvals / CE Certificates

Download the .pdf file :


EN: CE Declaration of Conformity Concrete lamp Nebia

Installation instructions

Download the .pdf file:

PL: Instrukcja montażu

EN: Installation instruction


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